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FLIP (Future Leaders Internship Project)

This is a project open to both Plan A and B program clients. FLIP stands for Future Leaders Intership Project. This project educates particapants in Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint and various office administrative skills. They will learn effective and non discriminatory methods of descalation and communication. Participants will return for a cycle after the have went through the six month training trial. In order to participate, participant must graduate the cycle that has made participant eligible. Participants will be able to choose from the four fields: Administrative, Instructing, Counseling, Drop In Project Monitor

LIF (Living Infection Free)

 This project is dedicated to OUTREACH. LIF participants will prospect CRUISING areas and offer information, pamphlets, condoms, resources for testing(for both HIV and STI) and a variety of counseling services. In order to be apart of this project you must be at least 18 years of age. You must be in either Plan A or B program for 45 days. You must get a recommendation from Case Manager, an Educational Instructor, and a Group Facilitator. Before a participant can enter the LIF Project officially, must be interviewed by Program Coordinator.

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